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With all of the emotion involved in family law matters, it is important to find a civil way to work out solutions. Alternative dispute resolution methods, like mediation and collaborative law, often help families get through divorce and custody in a less destructive way than litigating.

I am attorney Tammara Bloom. I practice mediation and collaborative law, helping California families work through their problems. Please call my office at 408-377-2817 or contact me, a San Jose divorce attorney, online to schedule an appointment.

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I can help you with nearly any family law need, including:

  • Mediation — This is an effective process for reaching an agreement on any family law issue. I am a trained and experienced mediator working with separating and divorcing couples for over 30 years.
  • Collaborative law — Another method of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties work out their issues with the support of their own attorneys trained in collaborative law.
  • Divorce consulting — Do you plan to handle your divorce yourself? Are you working with a mediator and need your own consulting attorney? It is a good idea to have a San Jose divorce attorney to consult with regarding your rights and to review court documents and agreements.
  • Uncontested divorce — If you are going to directly negotiate your issues with your spouse, I can prepare all of the documents and file them with the court for you.
  • Marital property division — Fair and equitable distribution of marital assets and debts is possible through mediation and collaborative law, even in cases of complex property division.
  • Spousal support — The sharing of financial resources between parties to ensure that everyone can meet their needs is crucial to a successful future for all members of the family. Mediation and collaborative law are very effective methods to resolve the issue of spousal support.
  • Child support — Making certain that the needs of the children are met is a very important issue and using mediation and collaborative law can make sure this occurs.
  • Child custody and visitation — In mediation and collaborative law the parties work together to develop a parenting plan that will best meet the needs of their children. Children always fare better when their parents can work together to reach agreements rather than litigating the case and leaving the important decisions about your family up to a stranger.
  • Prenuptial, marital and cohabitation agreements — I can help you negotiate and draft all types of pre-marital, marital, and cohabitation agreements.
  • Post-divorce modifications — I can help you mediate issues relating to modification of agreements and prior court order. These could address child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support or property issues.

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