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At the Law Office of Tammara S. Bloom in Campbell, my goal as a California family law attorney and mediator is to help residents in greater San Jose resolve the difficult decisions that come with divorce efficiently and without the stress that is often associated with divorce. All parties involved, including children, should feel their concerns are heard and their needs are addressed.

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Creative Solutions Are Possible

I focus on divorce mediation and collaborative divorce because I enjoy helping people resolve family law issues through cooperation and compromise. I bring more than 20 years of legal experience to each case. I can help you and your family reach solutions that create a more positive post-divorce life for everyone involved.

Mediation and collaborative law allow people to talk through their problems with the assistance of trained professionals without having to go to court. The goal is to reach a fair resolution and create a durable agreement that both parties will honor now and in the future. This eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming litigation. Mediation and collaborative law can be used to decide almost all aspects of divorce, including the division of marital property and financial support issues.

Not Feeling The Need For A Full-Time Lawyer?

I also provide divorce consulting services for individuals and couples who wish to handle the majority of their divorce themselves. If there are no disputes to resolve in your divorce, I can prepare all of the legal documents necessary to complete your case. I can also serve as a neutral mediator for a couple, or I can help you prepare a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement.

Being Mindful Of Children

Perhaps most important is the positive impact of mediation and collaborative law on children. When a cooperative approach is used to reach agreements regarding child custody and the development of a parenting plan, your children will take notice and not feel they have to choose sides.

By developing agreements through negotiation, you also afford yourself more latitude than the court could provide if you left these crucial decisions to a judge. In mediation and collaborative law, parties can end their relationship with dignity and respect, and take control of what their post-divorce life will look like.


Tammara S. Bloom

I employ a compassionate and thoughtful approach to reach effective divorce agreements. I have extensive experience in collaborative law, mediation and litigation.

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