The Divorce Results You Need minus the Stress You Don’t

Dedicated Divorce Mediation Attorney Serving San Jose, California

At the Law Office of Tammara S. Bloom, I have served the families of San Jose as a family law attorney and divorce mediator for more than 30 years. My practice is rooted in mediation and divorce consulting because I enjoy helping people find solutions through cooperation and compromise. My services are informed by a thorough understanding of the professional and cultural nuances of San Jose, and I have a profound connection not only to the legal landscape but also to the social fabric of this vibrant city.

To discuss your divorce and child custody concerns, please call my office at 408-377-2817 or complete my contact form. I represent clients in San Jose and throughout Northern California.

The Values Of Divorce Mediation Reflect The Values Of San Jose Residents

San Jose is home to thousands of innovative and high-performing professionals. Whether you work in finance, the tech industry, real estate or another profession, you are likely looking for ways to resolve divorce and child custody issues with discretion and dignity. My divorce mediation and consulting services are designed to meet these needs, offering a path to resolution that avoids the adversarial nature of traditional court proceedings.

My practice focuses on resolving critical family law matters such as child custody and property division with efficiency and care. I understand that these issues are not just legal challenges but also emotional and personal ones that require a sensitive and thoughtful approach. If your goals include minimizing conflict, minimizing costs and preserving personal and professional relationships, then my mediation and divorce consulting services may be right for you.

What Is Divorce Consulting?

I provide divorce consulting services for couples and individuals who intend to handle most of their divorce themselves. When both parties are in agreement about the various aspects of their divorce — commonly called an uncontested divorce — or if a couple would like to create a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement, I can provide sound family law counsel and prepare the necessary legal documents to complete the case.

To learn more, please see my overview of divorce consulting for San Jose-area clients.

My Approach To Family Law Mediation

My essential goal as a mediator is to help the parties reach a fair resolution. In divorce and child custody matters, mediation allows the parties to talk through their problems outside of court. As a mediator, I help my clients reach fair and durable agreements that both parties can honor in their lives after divorce.

The mediation process typically involves the following:

  • Facilitating respectful communication between the parties
  • Helping the parties work together to clearly define the issues
  • Fully disclosing and openly sharing information
  • Allowing the parties to safely express the issues that are important to them
  • Helping the parties gain a mutual understanding of their differences
  • Helping the parties seek creative solutions that can be documented in a durable agreement

It is also important to note that, because mediation occurs outside of court, conflict and costs can be minimized for all parties involved.

Committed To The San Jose Community

My commitment to San Jose goes beyond my legal practice. I am actively involved in local professional groups and cultural organizations, which keep me connected and engaged with our community’s pulse. This involvement not only enhances my professional network but also deepens my understanding of the challenges and aspirations unique to the people of San Jose.

Choosing me as your family law attorney and mediator means selecting a professional who is not only deeply experienced but also passionately connected to the city and its cultural diversity. I bring a blend of local insight, legal knowledge and a commitment to achieving peaceful, respectful resolutions to your family law matters.

I invite you to contact me to discuss how I can assist you with your family law needs and help you navigate your situation with the utmost care and professionalism. To schedule an appointment, please call 408-377-2817 or contact me by email. I represent clients in San Jose and across the Bay Area.