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5 Ways Divorce Mediation Can Benefit Parents

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Mediation

Choosing to divorce your spouse is rarely an easy decision, especially if you have children together. You know that divorce can be hard on children, as they try to process their feelings about their parents living separately and how their family will change.

If you want to minimize the impact of your divorce on your children, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Through divorce mediation, you and your former spouse work with a mediator to divide your assets, reach a child custody and child support agreement, and move forward.

Divorce mediation has a lot of benefits for parents. These include the following:

  1. You and your spouse will craft a child custody agreement that works best for your family and your unique situation.
  2. You don’t have to leave decisions for a judge to make. You have more control over the process and get the chance to have your voice heard.
  3. You will save money by choosing divorce mediation. Because you avoid court costs and the potential for a long court battle, you and your children will be more financially secure after divorce.
  4. By working through divorce mediation, you will learn how to make decisions with your ex, minimalizing conflict. As a result, your coparenting relationship will be stronger. You will be able to make future decisions regarding your children better.
  5. Having a better post-divorce relationship with your ex will give your children a sense of security. When you move forward from showing anger, resentment and bitterness toward your ex, your children will notice. You will be modeling a powerful dynamic for your children: two parents who love them, respect each other and know how to work together. You also lessen the likelihood that your children will suffer anxiety or depression or behavioral problems because of your divorce.

The first step toward divorce mediation is finding an experienced divorce mediator. A mediator can help you and your spouse work through the details of your divorce efficiently and fairly. Then you and your ex can both move forward without putting your children in the middle of your divorce.