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Modifications May Be Necessary When Life Changes Occur

Last updated on June 13, 2024

Post-divorce mediation can be helpful in a number of circumstances. For example, you and your spouse may not have realized that an asset such as a retirement account was subject to property division in divorce and it was not included in your original divorce decree. Even if you disagree over the equitable distribution of this asset, mediation provides the opportunity to discuss and resolve this issue rather than spend the time and money that would be necessary to amend the divorce settlement by fighting in the courts.

My name is Tammara S. Bloom. I have practiced family law for more than 30 years. I am also a trained mediator and collaborative law attorney. These alternative dispute resolution processes can be used before, during and after divorce proceedings to reach creative solutions of disputes amicably.

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Modify Child Custody With The Help Of A Santa Clara County Attorney

Post-divorce mediation can also be used to make modifications to any orders regarding your minor children. For example, your parenting plan may need to be modified if a party moves away or your original custody orders were made when your children were younger and their needs have changed. Child support orders are also subject to modification when changing circumstances warrant, including when:

  • Your child turns 18 or there is a change to the amount of parenting time
  • One or both parents lose his or her job, or experience a decrease in income
  • One or both parents gain employment, or experience an increase in income

In many cases where the parties used mediation to resolve issues arising in their divorce, they build into their divorce settlement a return to mediation to review parenting plans or child support at agreed-upon points in time.

Do You Need An Existing Order Modified?

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