The Divorce Results You Need minus the Stress You Don’t

A Sensible Approach To Family Law Issues

With few exceptions, family law matters are difficult to navigate emotionally. They also can cause a significant financial hit to the parties involved.

There is a smart way to resolve the issues that couples face in divorce that can reduce the stress and lower the cost. At the Law Office of Tammara S. Bloom in Campbell, my goal as a California family law attorney and mediator is to help people resolve the difficult decisions that come with divorce efficiently and without the stress that is often associated with divorce.

I focus on divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, two ways to navigate divorce that help people resolve family law issues through cooperation and compromise. I bring more than 30 years of legal experience to every client I work with. I can help you and your family reach solutions that create a more positive post-divorce life for everyone involved.

By reaching agreement through negotiation with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, divorcing parties give themselves more latitude than the court could provide if they left these decisions to a judge. In mediation and collaborative law, parties can end their relationship with dignity and respect, and take control of what their post-divorce life will look like.

Your Solution Starts With A Phone Call

To make an appointment, please call the Law Office of Tammara S. Bloom at 408-377-2817 or contact me online. The firm represents clients in San Jose and across the South Bay.