Campbell Property Division Lawyer

Marital Property Division

Division of marital property is a key issue in all divorce cases. For complex property issues to division of your personal property, mediation and collaborative law practice allow you to find creative solutions to property division and create an equitable win/win situation for everyone.

San Jose Property Division Attorney and Mediator

Leaving property division decision up to a family law judge is costly. In addition, the court is very limited in how it can divide marital property. With the assistance of a mediator or collaborative team, you are not restricted and can agree to divide marital property in a way that makes sense for you and your family. These privately negotiated property division agreements will automatically be approved by the court. When necessary, we will utilize neutral experts, such as appraisers, retirement specialists, actuaries, certified financial planners and CPAs who specialize in marital asset division for mediation and collaborative law cases. Working together, we will find ways to maximize the assets that your family gets to keep and minimize the tax consequences.

Financial Disclosures

In divorce proceedings, California law requires the parties to exchange full and complete financial disclosures regarding their income, expenses, assets and debts. All marital assets and debts are subject to division, including:

  • Real property
  • Personal property, such as vehicles, collectibles, jewelry, household furniture and furnishings
  • Financial accounts
  • Retirement assets
  • Businesses
  • Insurance
  • Stocks and Investments
  • Employment benefits such as stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, 401K and pension plans
  • Tax arrears, losses and credits
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Credit card debt

In mediation and collaborative law cases, the parties both agree to fully disclose and openly share all facts and information about their marital property. Once this has occurred, the parties can negotiate, problem-solve and develop a custom solution to maximize their joint resources so that they can provide for themselves and any children.

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