Family Law Attorney and Mediator

California Divorce and Family Law Mediation

I enjoy the practice of family law mediation and collaborative law because I see myself as a facilitator, helping clients through one of the most difficult times in their lives with support and understanding of the complicated legal system.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a family lawyer and have handled a large range of cases, from fully mediated or collaborative cases between parties committed to never entering the court room, to cases that proceed to full blown trials with expert witnesses in a host of specialties. I have worked both as a judge pro tem in Santa Clara County Courts and have served as a court-appointed attorney for children in highly contentious custody cases.

I have worked with many experts that my clients have employed to provide a range of specialty services such as custody evaluation, business, financial and property valuations, diagnostic services for the special needs child, therapists, supervised visitation providers, etc. I have a special needs child myself and have understanding and experience in dealing with the very special needs of these children and the affects of separating parents upon them.

Because of the issues that arise in family law, many of my clients return to revise custody and visitation or support agreements over the years. I have found that my clients enjoy my style of providing a compassionate and thoughtful, approach to their cases and they return time and time again when they have reached an impasse or need help with their case.

To make an appointment, please call my San Jose area office at 408-412-1430 or contact me online.